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The University of Michigan is one of the great public research universities in the world.  Its student body includes more than 50,000 students from around the world; its thousands of faculty are among the best in their fields, and more than 100 of our graduate programs are in the top ten nationally. Its 28 collegesThe breadth of Michigan’s excellence is unparalleled.

Professional foundations join with our faculty and staff and accomplish amazing things – ranging from work with artists and entrepreneurs and teenagers on the ground in Detroit to breaking ground in cryo-EM and human medicine, to providing legal resources for victims of human trafficking, and thousands of other research and applied endeavors.  Programs and projects receive more than $60 million each year in foundation awards. And faculty receive another $30 million each year from Associations and other nonprofit organizations.  These projects all leverage the common interests we have in making the world a better place and solving big problems.

The people who work in Corporate and Foundation Relations are here to help you find connections within the University. Michigan is a decentralized environment – there are people who can work with you in several of the colleges, centers, and organizations across campus, or here in University Development.  Our larger team (or maybe foundations family) includes professionals in the colleges, centers, and organizations across campus, and here in University Development. We are all here to help you connect.

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The Corporate and Foundation Relations Team

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